Matthew Thomas specializes in 2-dimensional work in digital, oil and water-based mediums. He provides artwork for various “tiers” of clients. Matthew has exhibited fine art through group exhibitions, has taken part  in collective design projects for architectural clients, developed art for film and television set designers, created licensed images for ancillary markets, and produced high-volume prints locally and internationally. Some of Matthew's latest clients include StoneHill Taylor, Hilton Hotels, Stanford Hotels, Club Quarters Hotels, and Fox Network. He is a proud Maryland Institute, College of Art alumni.  

 Creative Process 
"I consider myself a collective-friendly, one-man creator. With clients, I simply listen to their vision. I encourage designers to be transparent and clear about creative direction. Then, I create a number of mock-ups,  digital sketches and framing options. The more information shared about the site, surrounding elements, case goods, and final vision, the smoother the collaborative effort. It is great when the focus of a space is an art piece, but I also think that imagery can enhance the intended experience of the architects and designers" - Matthew Thomas